Thank you for taking the time to browse the Carolina Christian Businesses Directory!  We are glad you are here.  The inspiration for the directory started when we were searching for local Christian owned businesses in our local area of Columbia, SC and did not find a comprehensive listing of businesses.  Being website designers and fellow Christians, it seemed like a good idea to create one!

With a background in website design and marketing, Craig went to work deciding on the most user friendly layout for the directory.  Never wanting to limit things to a small scale, the idea for having a central website that would incorporate both North and South Carolina came to mind…why not think big, for our Creator is capable of anything!

We welcome any ideas you have so feel free to contact us with any thoughts you have.  If you are a Christian business owner and want to be included here, you can get all the needed info here and can add you information yourself…easy peasy.  Check out our Facebook page, which also has a directory listing of the businesses, as well as our app which will be soon to come!

Peace, love and joy!

Craig and Lucy Kessler

About Carolina Christian Businesses

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